ROTAX E PLATE 2020 @ Forest Edge Kart Club
Apr 4 – Apr 5 all-day

The Rotax E Plate 2020 comes to Forest Edge Kart Club.

Forest Edge Kart Club. In 2004 the Forest Edge Kart Club moved to its new location at Barton Stacey near Andover. The track was designed and constructed from scratch and provides more challenging corners for the direct drive karts and a long 300 metre back straight for the gear box karts to really show off their speed.

ROTAX O PLATE 2020 @ Clay Pigeon Raceway
Aug 15 – Aug 16 all-day
ROTAX O PLATE 2020 @ Clay Pigeon Raceway | England | United Kingdom

The Rotax O Plate 2020 comes once again to Clay Kart Club

Clay pigeon Kart Club would like to bring back the kudos of the National ‘O’ Plate meetings of the past. The meetings of the nineties brought together the classes being run into a prestigious large scale race meeting, meaning great value to winning a worthy National number plate. We aim to create a race meeting dedicated to the Rotax classes with a substantial prize fund along with commemerative gifts to all competing with hopefully the benefits of promotion to karting in general. The race meeting will be over two days, with timed qualifying, heats, pre finals and finals with dedicated class practice on Friday. We will be using controlled tyres for this event to ensure fairness to the competitors with long track time and value for money practice and racing. There will be Free entertainment on the Saturday evening in our fabulous facilities, with a quality range of trophies for all of the Winning drivers(trophies presented 1 in 4 drivers) along with pertinent prizes to karting.