Important information for all Mini Max drivers

A reminder for all Mini Max drivers for 2020. The new inlet throttle restrictors must be 37.8mm minimum. All technical changes for ROTAX – New Age Karting classes can be found in the Motorsport UK Karting Year book for 2020.

Rotax announce the new Grand Festival 2020 for Mini & Micro Max

Gunskirchen, Austria, December 10th, 2019 – BRP-Rotax, the manufacturer of Rotax kart engines located in Austria, and Chrono Karting BV, a race organizer established in the Netherlands, are pleased to announce their collaboration in organizing and promoting the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Festival 2020.

“We are happy to have Chrono Karting on board, who brings vast experience in organizing high quality racing series and events,” stated Peter Oelsinger, General Manager BRP-Rotax / Member of the Management Board, VP Sales, Marketing, RPS-Business & Communications. “We are confident that the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Festival will be a very attractive race event for the Rotax Micro and Mini class and we are looking forward to continue our success in the Rotax MAX Challenge,” he continued. The new Rotax Grand Festival 2020 will take place from August 22nd to 23rd, 2020 at the Circuit de Landsard track in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and will allow a maximum of 72 participants in each of the two categories – Rotax Micro MAX and Rotax Mini MAX.

The Rotax Micro MAX and Mini MAX youngsters will drive with their own equipment (sealed Rotax engine and chassis). A total of one (1) Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals ticket per class will be awarded to the winner in both of those classes. “We are excited to be organising the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Festival in 2020. It is a new start for this event and it will be our objective to provide our younger drivers with a fun, professional and highly competitive racing event,” said Gaby van de Burgt of Chrono Karting. “Among the youngest drivers, there is an increasing interest to participate in additional events outside their own national series. To have the opportunity to experience the world of international-style racing, where drivers can compete in a competitive field, makes the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Festival even more attractive. In this special environment children have the ideal chance to realise how they can also progress in motorsport,” she added.
Rotax 125 Micro and Mini MAX drivers from all over the world are allowed to participate in the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Festival.

The FIA World Motor Sport Council announced that drivers, who hold a national license, are allowed to participate in national competitions outside their home countries, provided they have permission from their ASN. As the Rotax Grand Festival is a national competition with international participation for these two categories only, the age limits are as follows: Rotax 125 Micro MAX – age of 8 to 11 years (8th birthday in 2020) Rotax 125 Mini MAX – age of 10 to 13 years (10th birthday in 2020) BRP-Rotax would also like to take the opportunity to thank all previous organizers and hosts for their efforts in building up this exciting RMC event. More details and information about the RMC Grand Festival 2020 will be announced soon.
About Rotax MAX Challenge: The Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) is a professional kart racing series established, owned and organized by BRP-Rotax, its Rotax kart engine distributors and/or professional race organizers. The RMC is a “one-make-engine” formula: only Rotax kart engines that are checked and sealed (for equal performance) will be used. The success in the competition is mainly up to the skills of the driver. For more information about the Rotax MAX Challenge, please visit

Entries filling up for the Winter Cup!

With there being just over two months to go until the ROTAX Max Challenge Winter Cup gets the 2020 Euro Trophy season underway, the entries for this three-day event has now hit 175, which has been an incredible amount of interest for what looks to be a fantastic one-off extravaganza in Southern Spain!

All the action on Saturday and Sunday will be live streamed on YouTube by Camp Company Gmbh (the event promoter), along with a dedicated Downforce Radio audio stream, starting on the Saturday morning (February 22nd), meaning that you will be able to listen or watch all the action live and direct from Circuito Karting Campillos.

Here is a breakdown of the total entries per class at the moment:

Micro Max: 40 entries (14 spaces available)

Junior Max: 41 entries (31 spaces available)

Senior Max: 63 entries (9 spaces available)

DD2: 16 entries (56 spaces available)

DD2 Masters: 15 entries (57 spaces available)

When it comes to the British contingent, there are a total of 21 drivers from our shores, who will be competing in Micro Max, Junior Max and Senior Max at the event, so any DD2 and DD2 Masters drivers are more than welcome to join the fun in Andalusia!

The promoters also have an estimated prize fund of over 30,000 Euros to give away that weekend, including entries to the complete Euro Trophy season and the 2020 ROTAX Max Challenge International Trophy at Le Mans next August!

Calling all British ROTAX Racers? If you’ve not entered, get moving!

To enter the ROTAX Max Challenge Winter Cup and secure your place on the grid, do one of the following:

1) Download the completely ROTAX Racing App (either via Apple or Android, depending on your choice of smartphone), and enter directly there.

2) Or why not head to the following link to secure your place on the grid:

For those wondering about testing at the circuit, we understand that further details will be released in due course.

Image © Circuito Karting Campillos






2019 TVKC Autumn Cup – Round 4 Report

The fourth and final round of the 2019 Trent Valley Kart Club Autumn Cup campaign would be hindered, as a thick blanket of freezing fog lowered its presence onto the 1,388-metre circuit, causing the action on the Saturday at Paul Fletcher International to be suspended, in the hope of better weather on the last day of the year.

This would not curtail the action completely, as a total of 75 ROTAX-powered racers headed to Lincolnshire to see who would triumph at the end of the shortened timetable.

MINI MAX: Timed qualifying saw a great effort from Coles Racing’s Mckenzie Douglass (#15M), who secured the last pole position of the season with a 1:18.94, 0.12 seconds ahead of DHR’s Harry Linden (#21M), whilst Cruz Speakman (#69M) made it three different teams represented in the top three, as Speakman was 0.64 seconds adrift of Douglass in third place.

Only 0.14 seconds separated third and fifth in the session, as the #69M was followed by his teammates Steven Duncan (#16M) and Jamie Perilly (#40M). Rhino Goo’s Jez Williams (#68M) was sixth ahead of leading privateer Ollie Goodyear (#20M), with Finn Smith (#61M), Luke Ringham (#PF – Spirit of Senna) and Liam Wright Racing’s Alfie Gallagher (#14M) completing the top ten.

Four drivers would be handed front fairing penalties on Sundays’ Pre-Final, which saw Duncan surge his way up to what became the eventual victory, finishing 0.42 seconds apart, with pole sitter Douglass rounding out the top three. Harry Linden would drop to fourth place, whilst Perilly held station to complete the top five. Speakman would not place higher than sixth in the first encounter, ahead of Goodyear, with Finn Smith (#61M – team Clay Racing) ending up eighth ahead of both Gallagher and Ringham, with the pair completing the top ten.

Williams would secure the win in the Final on the Sunday afternoon, ahead of Speakman, with the pair only 0.36 seconds apart at the final, whilst four drivers in the form of Ollie Goodyear, Oliver Buckton, Finn Smith and Jamie Perilly all had a lap taken off their total race distance, having not completed a full lap distance on the very first two. Buckton and Perilly, along with Douglass, all were given front fairing penalties post-race, putting them further down the order.

Duncan would make it a Project One two-three, with DHR’s Linden and Luke Ringham completing the top five. But after all drop scores were taken into account, Speakman would secure his place in the Autumn Cup roll of honour, taking the title with 177 points, 11 ahead of Jamie Perilly, whilst Harry Linden completed the overall top three, a further three points adrift from second. Ollie Goodyear would not only be the best privateer, but also the best rookie, taking fourth overall with 158 points, just two ahead of Alfie Gallagher, who completed the top five, with both Luke Ringham and Lexie Bell rounding out what was a very close top seven overall.

JUNIOR MAX: Timed qualifying saw a new pole sitter in the class, as Daniel Guinchard (#54) was making his début with KR Sport and put himself in prime position by 0.45 seconds ahead of Dan Holland Racing’s Harrison Collings (#5), with Will Egby (Project One Racing – #77) completing the top three. Coles Racing’s Callum Voisin (#35) was 0.87 seconds off the pace that Gunichard had set, which put the young Brit fourth, ahead of Project One’s Tristan Rennie (#73) rounded out the top five.

Completing the top ten was a variety of talent, with Voisin’s team mate Archie Kitching sixth, DHR’s newest signing, Wales’ Matthew Higgins (#7) in seventh, along with Ryan Willis (#17 – Project One), Joshua Vallance (#28 – MSport) and Harley Houghton (#20 – Coles Racing). The top ten was separated by just under 1.5 seconds in the session.

Egby would take top honours in the Pre-Final on Sunday, amidst a penalty-ridden race, which saw two drivers penalised for race start formation changes and eight handed front-fairing penalties. The battle for the top three would be close, with Egby taking the win from starting third on the grid, ahead of Rennie and Voisin. It could have really gone down to the wire, but the top three were only split by 0.77 seconds after 9 laps of racing.

Haughton would be over 2.4 seconds adrift of Voisin in fourth, as Collings would complete the top five. Oscar Hoole (#58 – Ultimate R), could have gotten up as high as seventh, behind Kitching, but would be one of those hit with a five-second front fairing penalty, putting him eighth. Joe Linden would take ninth place at the flag, with KR-Sport’s Will Jenkins (#6) rounding out the top ten.

Oliver Duffell (#33 – 12th place), Daniel Guinchard (14th place), Lewie Weaver (#69 – GMS – 16th Place), Finlay Harrison (#38 – Ultimate R – 20th place), Logan Parker (#95 – Coles Racing – 21st place), Harry Wainwright (#29 – Privateer – 22nd place), Joshua Wilby ( #42 – Team Avago – 23rd place) and Kyle Dunford (#40 – ASR – 26th place), would have all finished higher up the order, had their races not be compromised with front fairing infractions.

It was a cleaner affair in the final race of the year for the Juniors, as DHR’s Collings would convincingly take a dominant win over Voisin, with the pair being 1.99 seconds apart at the end of 11 laps of racing. Hoole would end his season with a welcome podium, taking the final step of the rostrum, fending off Guinchard by just a tenth of a second at the flag. Haughton would only be two tenths off the pair, but would have to settle for fifth.

But the very absent Mattie Hingeley would end up having enough of a points bolster to allow him to take the Junior title by just two points ahead of Collings.

Haughton could have gotten closer to the pair, but would end up third, 16 points behind Collings, and two points ahead of Joshua Vallance in fourth. Tristan Rennie was fifth overall, ahead of Kitching, Gardner, Duffell, Joshua Wilby and James Winter who completed the top ten.


SENIOR MAX: With the biggest grid of the weekend, there was no shortage of action in the Senior Max division, as the hunt was on for the Autumn Cup title. Timed Qualifying saw three privateer entries in the top four, with a front-row lock-out by Lucas Vaus (#12) and James Lingard (#33), who were separated by only 0.12 seconds, ahead of Team Clay Racing’s Lewis Halliday (#56) in third place.

Samuel Harrison would also show great pace in the #44 privateer entry, and was just 0.73 seconds off the pace set by Vaus, whilst Coles Racing’s James Lowther (#9) rounded out the top five, 0.09 seconds ahead of Ben Caisley (#53 – KR Sport). GMS’ Luke Wooder (#E), DHR’s Nelson King (#95), Rob Ellis (#17 – RS UK) and Jason Lockwood (#58 – KR Sport) wpuld end up completing the top ten.

The trio of George Holbrook (#60 – DHR), Bradley Barrett (#4) and Jake Douglas (#15 – KR Sport), would have placed higher after qualifying, but would have their best lap times deleted, due to front fairings being out of position. 2018 British Senior Champion, Charlie Turner, would have a fightback on his hands, after an ice patch caught the #61 out in qualifying, meaning that he, along with Ultimate R’s Chaz Highton (#92), would have some work to do.

It would be an all-out close-quarter battle for the win in the Pre-Final, with just four hundredths being the breach between winner Lingard and runner-up Lowther, with the pair managing to drop the rest of the field, which saw third-placed driver Caisley over four seconds adrift. Lockwood and Holbrook would complete the top five, ahead of Barrett, Vaus, Douglas, Teddy Clinton (#45 – DHR) and Wooder, who rounded out the top ten. Turner would have been in eighth place at the flag, but a front-fairing penalty for the Brit would drop him down to 11th after the results were ratified, but still a top-dollar drive from him nevertheless.

The privateers would have to fight to keep themselves as high up the order as possible in Sunday afternoon’s Final, as Lowther would get away from Turner, who would fall foul to a damp patch off the Litchfield Bridge on the second lap whilst leading the race, having catapulted his way up from 11th on the grid.

The former would end up taking the victory from Turner at the finish by 3.88 seconds, whilst Lockwood would hold off the advances of both Lingard in fourth and SPR’s Ryan Garvey, who crossed the line fourth, but would be demoted to fifth behind the privateer, having been handed a five-second front fairing penalty post-race.

A further eight drivers were out of the standard race finish positions with front fairing penalties post-race, with Vaus being the second-best placed privateer in sixth, ahead of Halliday, Clinton, Caisely and Ellis, who completed the top ten. Lowther’s win would be his second perfect scores in finals for the campaign, which saw him take the 2019 Autumn Cup crown with a commanding 20-point margin over Rob Ellis, whilst George Holbrook would be a further ten points behind Ellis in third place.

Lewis Smith would be fourth, ahead of highest-placed rookie Matthew Skaife, with Louis Fleet, Josh Askew, Lockwood, Lingard and Alexander Baker completing the top ten, with both Ben Caisley and Samuel Harrison being only a couple of points away from being in the top ten, having tied on 100 points each for 11th place.

ROTAX 177: In Timed Qualifying, a trio of privateers led the way, with Nathan Chafer (#2R) clearly head and shoulders in front of the field,  setting a blistering pace of a 1:22.00 around the 1,388-metre circuit, a clear 1.27 seconds ahead of Ben Cowley (#22R) and Timothy Darlow (#18R). Rapid Motorsport’s Liam Rabjohns was the best of the rest in fourth, nearly four seconds off Chafer, with Zilvinas Klimas (#34R) in fourth, ahead of Max Williams (#12R – ASR), Nicholas Dunne (#81R) and privateer Mark Wingad (#48R) completing the eight-strong field.

Chafer would have to fight for top honours in the Pre-Final on Sunday but would lose out to Cowley by 1.03 seconds at the finish line, with Rabjohns rounding out the top three, a further 9.65 seconds adrift. It was four privateers in the top four, thanks to Darlow, who was the last of the drivers that finished on the same lap as the leaders.

Dunner would make up the most places in the race itself, starting seventh and finishing in fifth, with ASR’s Williams holding station in sixth place, with Wingad being the last of the fully classified finishers, whilst Klimas’ race ended in lap five.

Chafer would sign off the 2019 season in style, taking the advantage in the Final to win the race ahead of Cowley by 3.13 seconds, and with it, would clinch the ROTAX 177 title with 180 points to his credit. Despite only having taken part in the final two rounds of the Autumn Cup, Cowley will still be fourth in the overall standings, behind Sean Smith (#R64) and John Scott (#R66), who did not take part in the final half of the calendar.

Mark Wingad would not take part in the final on Sunday afternoon, which would see him end up behind Timothy Darlow in the standings, with the latter taking fourth in the last final of the campaign, putting him fifth in the standings.

To find out all the results and standings for the final round of the 2019 TVKC Autumn Cup, head to the following link

The 2020 Winter Series gets the action back underway in Lincolnshire, shortly after the New Year, so to place your entries, click on the following link:

Images © Trent Valley Kart Club & Chris Walker at

Project E20 hits the track at Sarno!

At the 20th running of the ROTAX Max Challenge Grand Finals at Circuito Internazionale Napoli in Sarno, ROTAX’s brand new next-generation fully-electric kart racer, called Project E20.

With development having started shortly after the racing début of the initial ground-breaker in the form of the ROTAX THUNDeR, the E20 is a project that will showcase the forward thinking of the Austrian brand, when it comes to futures within racing.

The new kart, which was demonstrated at the 1,547-metre circuit on the final day of the 20th running of the Grand Finals, showed that it was a distinct improvement over the THUNDeR, thanks to all the work going in-house for this new racer.

The E20 is currently in the prototype and testing phase, ahead of a potential début next year, which will more than likely be ready to compete in the DEKM.

“This is the logical next step in our e-kart strategy,“ explained General Manager BRP-Rotax and Vice President Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications, Peter Ölsinger, at the unveiling on the penultimate evening of the event.

“The project E20 is developed by racers for racers and we are aiming it to be race ready by May 2020.“

Due to ROTAX’s new baby being developed in-house, there will also be a better control on the reliability aspect, thanks to improved power characteristics, better weight distribution and handling properties, which will be able to be adapted towards multiple chassis providers.

Both motor and transmission are now integrated, with a separated inverter and brand-new Vehicle Control Unit. This is also assisted with streamlined and more powerful battery backs, which have also been reduced in size.

ROTAX have classed the new powertrain as the new “E-Unit,” which is better cooled, to help keep the karts out on circuit for longer along with better provision of the current boost function showcased on the THUNDeR. The Austrian brand has also stated that the driving experience, coupled with the added bonus of water cooling on the motor and inverter, will be close to the current enjoyment found with the ROTAX Max Evo engines.

Images © Alex Goldschmidt


ROTAX reliability second to none!

The ROTAX brand is one that showcases great parity and fantastic reliability, which has quite literally been taken to the extreme, especially when it comes to one particular fleet of engines – 24 to be precise.

Daytona Motorsport’s head office at Milton Keynes have been running their karts for many years, which also includes those propelled forward by the ROTAX roar. We at J.A.G. Engineering got a very interesting bit of news about just how well the ROTAX engines perform on a regular basis, especially when they are regularly maintained.

Force Motors’ John Davies contacted us directly, stating that all of the engines were used for anywhere between 234 and 276 hours this year, with NONE of them having a terminal failure.

That’s even with the likes of McLaren F1 Team duo Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz even giving them a bit of a thrashing at the Milton Keynes location earlier on this year, along with the yearly-held Daytona 24 Hours, which takes place in May next year.

What is even more impressive is that their engines have not been changed once over the last 11 years – that’s back in 2008. Just goes to show that ROTAX power is clearly here to stay!

Image © Daytona Motorsport


The ROTAX Max Challenge Winter Cup gathers momentum!

Between February 21st and 23rd next year, the ROTAX Max Challenge Winter Cup is looking like a rather promising and well-subscribed race weekend already, and what’s more, it’s not even fully winter here yet!

So far, a total of 121 drivers will be heading to the 1,580-metre Circuito Karting Campillos, split over five separate ROTAX-powered classes, with 19 different nations being represented, including the UK.

Here are the total amount of entrants per class, which have already registered for the event itself:

Micro Max: 38; Junior Max: 23; Senior Max: 42; DD2: 10; DD2 Masters: 8.

Out of this crowd of ROTAX Racers, 13 British drivers have already signed up at present, including the likes of Charlie Turner, Rhys and Kai Hunter and Callum Voisin.

With an estimated prize fund worth in the region of 31,000 Euros, including free season entries to the ROTAX Max Euro Trophy and race entries to the 2020 ROTAX Max Challenge International Trophy, this event, promoted by Camp Company GmbH, looks to be a very exciting one.

To get your entries in, whilst spaces still last, do one of the following:

1) Download the completely ROTAX Racing App (either via Apple or Android, depending on your choice of smartphone), and enter directly there.

2) Or why not head to the following link to secure your place on the grid:

If you need any assistance for your ROTAX racing needs for this event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either via phone or email.

Photo © Julia Jäger/Camp Company GmbH

New homologations for MOJO Tyres in 2020 

Ahead of the 2020 racing season, all UK competitions, irrespective of current status, will be able to start racing from January on MOJO tyres that have now been officially homologated under CIK-FIA regulations.
MOJO’s D5 and D2XX slick compounds, along with the wet-weather W5s, will be able to be used under the new technical specifications introduced.
The D2XX is exactly the same as the non-homologated D2 regarding the construction and compounds used, as it has been given a new name due to the new legislation. Therefore, it will still perform exactly the same.
All current tyres used that are not homologated, can be used until the 31st of March 2020.
We are anticipating the new W5 tyres to arrive somewhere between the middle and end of November, so please stay tuned for any further updates!

2019 TVKC Autumn Cup – Round 3 Report

Despite difficult wet weather conditions that affected many circuits in the United Kingdom, it was still business as usual for the penultimate round of the Trent Valley Kart Club Autumn Cup at Paul Fletcher International this past weekend.

Four different ROTAX-powered classes, comprising of a grand total of 70 drivers headed to the Lincolnshire circuit, and would not only battle each other, but also the wet weather that sent a torrent of heavy rainfall over the course of the meeting.



Even though the 11-strong field were running alongside the MINI X30 class, due to the weekend entries, it still would not dampen down the spirits of the youngest Rotax Racers out there. In Timed Qualifying, Coles Racing’s Mckenzie Douglass (#15) would post the fastest time out of all drivers with a 1:16.99. The Project One pairing of Steven Duncan (#16) and Cruz Speakman (#69) ended up completing the top three in class, who were separated by 1.13 seconds after the completion of the session. However, only CHDD’s Mikey Porter (#54) would not be able to make it into the session, as the ten drivers that partook in the session were split by 2.93 seconds overall.

Both Speakman and Douglass would each take the win in the two heats on the Sunday morning, before Speakman took his second successive victory to move up to fourth in the standings, despite not attending the first round.  Dan Holland Racing’s Harry Linden (#21) would end up taking second in the final, ahead of Duncan, whilst initial pole sitter Douglass would only be able to settle for fourth. Four drivers were reprimanded, which included Linden, who was deemed to have changed formation by the stewards and denied victory, as did the #PF of Spirit of Senna’s Luke Ringham. as the pair were handed a five-second time penalty for their infractions. Privateer Ollie Goodyear (#20) would have finished in around seventh place, had he not been handed a five-second front fairing penalty.

Heading into the final round in the first weekend of December, Jamie Perilly (#40) has a slender lead of eight points ahead of Goodyear in second, whilst Lexie Belk (#98) is in third, only a further eight points behind Goodyear, with Speakman and Linden rounding out the top five.


With the most drivers registered out of all four classes, totalling 27, it was definitely a close-quarter affair at the 1,382-metre track. Timed Qualifying clearly showed that grid positions were being separated by mere hundreds of a second. MSport’s Joshua Vallance (#28) was the fastest of all, posting a 1:14.69, just only 0.05 ahead of Mick Barrett Racing’s Hugh Lawrenson. Mattie Hingeley (#11 – Ultimate-R) secured third, ahead of Coles Racing’s Tom Adams (#2) and Kieran Kay (#73 – KR Sport), with all five drivers covered by only one tenth of a second.

From then on, it was the Hingeley show for the remainder of the weekend, as he did the clean sweep of both heats and the final itself. The first heat saw the Ultimate-R driver win from Adams by 4.54 seconds after 8 laps at the 1,382-metre circuit, with Haughton only 0.36 off the Coles Racing driver in third. Rennie and team mate Ryan Willis (#17) would still end up fourth and fifth respectively, before they both had a front fairing penalty post-race.

But it would still keep them ahead of Coles’ Oliver Duffell (#31), who would take sixth. GP plate champion Will Elswood (Privateer) would be excluded, after having been found to have refitted the front fairing post-race.

The tables turned for the rest of the field in the second and final heat, as Will Egby (#77 – Project One) would end up being classified in second behind Hingeley, with Adams being denied another second place result, after being handed a five-second front fairing penalty, dropping him to fifth, behind Edward Matthews (#9 – Coles Racing) and Vallance. Rennie, along with Haughton and Scott Lapsley, would also be given a post-race front fairing five-second penalty, dropping them all to 14th, 9th and 21st place respectively.

Hingeley would cap off the weekend with the perfect flourish to the finish, taking a maximum score in the final, but it was not the easiest of tasks, as Tom Adams was only 0.13 seconds adrift in second, with Harrison Collings (#5 – DHR) taking a well-earned third place, having battled with Haughton and Duffell, who rounded out the top five, who were covered by just 0.96 seconds at the end of 13 laps. Egby, Kitching, Vallance, Rennie and Daniel Armstrong (#12-Privateer) wuld round out the top ten.

Hingeley now has a lead in the standings of 20 points heading into the final round, ahead of Vallance, Rennie and Luis Gardner and James Winter, who rounds out the top five, with there only being 41 points between them.


24 drivers entered into what is normally the most highly-charged class within ROTAX circles, with this race weekend being no exception, having a whole host of British talent that raced both domestically and internationally make up a big part of the field.

In Timed Qualifying, DHR’s Nelson King (#295) took pole position, in what was a very competitive session, with the top ten drivers covered by just 1.74 seconds. James Lingard (#33) and Samuel Harrison (#44) completed the top three, ahead of the KR Sport duo of Jason Lockwood (#58) and last-minute entrant Clayton Ravenscroft (#75). In a session where both Teddy Clinton (#45 – DHR) and Philip Rawson (#39 – CRG GB & Ireland) did not take part in the entire weekend, only two drivers had their fastest times deleted, due to front fairing penalties – Rob Ellis (#17 – RS UK) and Ryan Garvey (#43 – SPR).

But Ravenscroft would sweep the board clean over the three races, with all off them too close to call. The Southampton-based driver would storm his way up to what was the eventual victory in the first heat, ahead of pole sitter King by 0.92 seconds. This was whilst both Harrison and Lockwood found themselves holding station, with Coles Racing’s James Lowther completing the top five. This race also had one third of the field being affected by front fairing five-second penalties post-race, which even saw Ben Burgess (#13) finish in 11th rather than eighth.

Both Ravenscroft and King would again be the ones to chase down in the second heat on Sunday, placing first and second respectively, ahead of Lowther, Lockwood and DHR’s George Holbrook (#60) coming through from tenth to round out the top five. DHR’s Alexander Baker (#47) and KR Sport’s Ben Caisley (#53) would fight their way forward to end up seventh and eighth at the finish, which was further helped by both Burgess and KR Sport’s Tom Edmunds (#15) being handed five-second penalties after the flag for front fairing infractions.

Ravenscroft would take the maximum score of 60 points , having won the final from Lowther by only 0.65 seconds after 14 laps around the 1,382-metre track, with Lockwood making it a KR Sport 1-3. Harrison would be the best of the privateer runners in fourth place, with Holbrook finishing fifth for Dan Holland Racing. It would have been a very different story for Nelson King, who incurred two penalties that denied him the win, which dropped him all the way down in ninth. Henry Ayers (#29 – KR Sport) would end up rounding out the top ten, but could have been as high as sixth in the final, which was scuppered by a formation change infraction.

Lowther now has a 17-point advantage going into the final round, ahead of Rob Ellis, with Lewis Smith (#84), Matthew Skaife (#43) and Louis Fleet (#22) rounding out the top five, covered by just 30 points.

ROTAX 177:

Despite being the lowest grid on the entire ROTAX roster, the 177s still gave it their all at PFI, with Timed Qualifying giving a sign of things to come. Nathan Chafer (#2R) was fastest out of all ten drivers, but only 0.20 ahead of DHR’s Jamie Dzyra (#27R), with another privateer in the form of the #13 of Louis Large rounded out the top three. Timothy Darlow (#18R) could have potentially placed higher in qualifying, had it not been for a five-second front fairing penalty post-session, meaning he would end up seventh, behind Philip Haworth (#SC), Ben Cowley (#22R) and Tom Mountford (#78R), as the top six were covered by 1.87 seconds.

A three-way dogfight for the victory in heat one was narrowly won by Chafer, with Dzyra ending as the runner-up, just 0.37 seconds adrift. But it was only a further 0.36 seconds back to Cowley in third, who managed to get his way past several drivers, with both Mountford and Large retiring on laps one and four respectively. Haworth would end up fourth, leading a trio of Haworth Racing drivers, which also comprised of Cole Edwards (#E) and Rhys Llewellyn (#23R).

Chafer would have it a bit easier in the second heat, as Large was able to make up for what happened in the first heat by finishing second, 3.72 seconds off the #2. Haworth would take his first top three finish of the weekend in third, with Dzyra dropping down from second to fourt by the end. Cole Edwards would round out the top five, with all ten participants making the finish.

For the second successive race weekend of the current campaign, Chafer would again have a maximum score to his credit, after again getting away from the field, finishing ahead of Haworth by 6.26 seconds, who recorded his best result of the weekend. Dzyra would have to settle for third place, ahead of Cole Edwards and Darlow, who completed a very well spread out top five.

Even with only having attended rounds two and three, Chafer leads the overall standings on 120 points, with Sean Smith (#R64) & John Scott (#R66) not in attendance, putting the pair in second and third, with the top three only covered by nine points.

The fourth and final race weekend of the Trent Valley Kart Club Autumn Cup takes place on November 30th and December 1st, with entries still open!

For all the results of the race weekend itself, head to the following link:

(Images © Trent Valley Kart Club)