It is strictly frobidden to start or operate a ROTAX MAX engine without the clutch drum mounted! The available instructions have to be followed at all times!




Starting a ROTAX MAX engine without the clutch drum mounted, or not properly mounted, will result in excessive mechanical damage to the engine and can also lead to serious injuries or death of mechanics, pilots and/or 3rd parties.




For proper mounting of the clutch drum with sprocket to the crankshaft;



  1. block the starter gear with the fixation tool (ROTAX part number 676 205)
  2. degrease the thread of the crankshaft and the hex nut (12)
  3. apply LOCTITE 243 (B) to the thread of the hex nut (12)
  4. fit the hex nut (12) to the crankshaft and tighten the hex nut to 35 Nm
  5. remove excess LOCTITE from the crankshaft
  6. remove fixation tool for the starter gear


Thank you for your attention

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