Official release from Motorsport UK – 25/03/2020

The whole motorsport community is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, and we fully appreciate the challenges it has created for our members, clubs, venues, promoters, teams and all organisations within the industry. These are unprecedented times for everyone, it is a fluid situation and the speed of change is requiring all of us to reset our perspectives on a daily basis.

We have had a wide range of questions as a result of the situation, and here we have provided answers to the core concerns. In some cases, it is difficult to provide definitive answers and we are constantly reviewing the situation to offer our best advice. If the answer you are looking for is not listed below please contact us for further clarification:


Can I still contact Motorsport UK?

Yes. Motorsport UK is continuing to operate, with the Membership team available to deal with general enquiries and they can direct specific calls to the right expert. Motorsport UK has established a fully operational remote home office network that allows us to maintain our service to the community. All emails are being picked up and the organisation phone numbers are on divert.

When will the motorsport season resume?

Motorsport organising permits have been suspended until at least 30th June. This is an evolving situation, and is subject to Government advice, and we will issue updates as soon as there is any change.

We understand that clubs and event organisers need as much notice as possible in order to assess whether their events are likely to go ahead. Motorsport UK will take a responsible approach on the resumption of the motorsport calendar, following government advice and consulting various stakeholders in order to make the right decision. The safety, health and wellbeing of our community, and the whole of the country is paramount.

Are you still processing licence applications?

Online licence applications will be processed. We appreciate that people may be applying to maintain the status of their licence.

Motorsport UK has suspended the processing of postal licences at this time; any applications that have been received but not processed are being dealt with directly with the applicant. Unless requested otherwise, postal applications will be held and processed at a later date, on the resumption of the season.

The RS Clubman licence application process is also temporarily suspended at this time.

Will I get a refund on my licence fee?

All Motorsport UK licences issued remain valid for the full calendar year. Motorsport UK is optimistic the sport can continue in 2020, and therefore Motorsport UK is not refunding licence fees.

Motorsport UK will continue to service its club and member community throughout any hiatus when the sport is suspended. As a not-for-profit national governing body, all of the organisation’s licence revenues are directly invested back into the sport across training and education, sport and development, elevating motorsport safety, developing technical standards, providing a governance and judicial framework and sport promotion. This affects future years as much as it does 2020.

Our efforts in all these areas continue through the crisis in order that we can resume as rapidly as possible, and that we secure the long-term sustainability of the sport. Our revenue is very largely derived from licence fees and assumes a full year of revenue to allow this level of resource for the sport.

How can I help the public effort around COVID-19?

The Government has launched an urgent appeal for 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS in the battle against coronavirus. The country will be under pressure for some time, and our community is exceptionally well equipped to take on roles that help society to function.

The Government is looking for DBS cleared staff, people with driving licenses and medically qualified staff.

If you fall into any of the categories outlined above, you can register as an NHS volunteer here


Can I still apply for a permit for events after the 30th June?

Yes. We are taking permit bookings as normal for dates after the suspension is in place. If the suspension date is extended again we will contact anyone who has applied for a permit during the new period of suspension.

Will Motorsport UK refund the permit fee for cancelled events?

In most cases Motorsport UK takes payment after an event has taken place, so no-one will have to pay for cancelled events. For events with Certificates of Exemption, clubs can either request the Certificate of Exemption be postponed to a later date in the year, or the money can be placed in credit to be utilised against another Permit. Alternatively they can request a refund.

If you have any questions about permits or future events please contact

Can a championship calendar be rescheduled without requiring signed agreement from the competitors?

Motorsport UK has granted an exemption under the General Regulations so that Organisers will be able to amend their Championship calendar without the requirement to obtain the written agreement of registered competitors for it to be accepted.  The organisers will simply provide to Motorsport UK a revised calendar prior to publication and we will authorise it as an amendment.  On the same basis organisers may amend the minimum number of rounds to count towards the overall Championship.

For all Rally, Cross Country, Autotest and Trials Championships the contact address will be

For all Race, Speed and Kart Championships the contact address will be

How can I best communicate with my club members beyond emails?

There are many ways to communicate with members or other groups. These include video conferences and our recommendations would be using Microsoft Teams (which also acts as a messenger service), Zoom, or Skype. Setting up Facebook pages to use as forums for your club is also a very good idea and social media can be a key way to ensure your club continues to have a community environment. Smaller groups work well with WhatsApp as well.

Is there more information on advice for my business at this time?

The link below provides all the details of the current Government policy, and we are working with the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) to make sure that we fight the corner for motorsport in all its different facets: Click here to find out more.

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