Ahead of the 2020 racing season, all UK competitions, irrespective of current status, will be able to start racing from January on MOJO tyres that have now been officially homologated under CIK-FIA regulations.
MOJO’s D5 and D2XX slick compounds, along with the wet-weather W5s, will be able to be used under the new technical specifications introduced.
The D2XX is exactly the same as the non-homologated D2 regarding the construction and compounds used, as it has been given a new name due to the new legislation. Therefore, it will still perform exactly the same.
All current tyres used that are not homologated, can be used until the 31st of March 2020.
We are anticipating the new W5 tyres to arrive somewhere between the middle and end of November, so please stay tuned for any further updates!
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