The ROTAX brand is one that showcases great parity and fantastic reliability, which has quite literally been taken to the extreme, especially when it comes to one particular fleet of engines – 24 to be precise.

Daytona Motorsport’s head office at Milton Keynes have been running their karts for many years, which also includes those propelled forward by the ROTAX roar. We at J.A.G. Engineering got a very interesting bit of news about just how well the ROTAX engines perform on a regular basis, especially when they are regularly maintained.

Force Motors’ John Davies contacted us directly, stating that all of the engines were used for anywhere between 234 and 276 hours this year, with NONE of them having a terminal failure.

That’s even with the likes of McLaren F1 Team duo Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz even giving them a bit of a thrashing at the Milton Keynes location earlier on this year, along with the yearly-held Daytona 24 Hours, which takes place in May next year.

What is even more impressive is that their engines have not been changed once over the last 11 years – that’s back in 2008. Just goes to show that ROTAX power is clearly here to stay!

Image © Daytona Motorsport


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