Why choose Micro Max ?

Please read the great review sent in by Micro Max dad Hazhar Kwekha.
Here’s what we have found regarding the micromax in the short time we have owned the engine.As a dad and lad in karting and not very knowledgeable in the sport one thing u need most is focus on the driver and that’s not possible on many occasions as you have so much to prepare chassis, engine, tyre pressures and so on you really don’t have time for much as many karters know that. The micromax takes the engine tuning to a whole new level where u pretty much bolt it on and on ur way and be competitive straight away, with many classes u spend much of ur day just getting the jetting right where it could be spent on more important things like coaching the driver or chassis set up.
We bought our engine new out of box bolt it onto chassis and since then we just charge the battery add fuel and that’s pretty much it.
So far with 6 hours on ours we haven’t had a single issue with ours and same goes for others on the grid. And it seems it’s getting quicker and quicker with every hour added to it, also as they r heavily restricted they don’t work very hard so you are pretty much looking at 100+ hours between rebuilds so a lot of money saved… and if u happen to decide to go minimax or junior that can also be done with the same block with some added modifications. What more do we want!
Best thing we’ve done and looking forward to some of the amazing races coming up next year for the micromax.